General tips for better air conditioning efficiencies

By September 30, 2016Blog
  • Did you know every degree cooler you set your air conditioning unit adds around 10%  to the amount of electricity the system uses? It’s true. So for best results it’s important to select the optimum temperature. Aim to set your unit to 24°C in summer and 20°C in winter.
  • Insulating your home can make a big difference too.  Install roof and wall insulation with a minimum R-value to suit your local conditions. In Queensland, this could range from R4.1 to R5.1 for the ceiling and around R2.8 for the walls.
  • Size really does matter. Install the right sized aircon for the space you need to cool or heat. Take into consideration the proportions of the room, the direction the windows in the room face and whether you have insulation in the ceiling.
  • Always choose an air conditioning unit with a high energy star rating. Every extra star your aircon has will save you around 15%  in running costs.
  • Maintain your air conditioner system regularly, particularly before the summer cooling and winter heating periods. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the air filters and coils, or if in doubt, call the experts at AirNow for an annual service.

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